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Smart light fixtures LUCH-S

Currently, LED lights are becoming increasingly popular. Undoubtedly, they have a number of competitive advantages, the most important of which is efficiency. For example, a high-quality 6W LED light shines like an incandescent lamp of 60 W, while electricity consumes 10 times less.
The topic of energy saving is especially relevant for the housing and communal services sector. How many times have you observed such a picture, when the light on the landing is lit by day, while in the dark you have to overcome a flight of stairs before reaching for the treasured switch. As a result, residents have to pay for irrational use of electricity in public places. Solve this problem and reduce the cost of common power needs for electricity allow LED lights LUCH-S IMF, which produces Omsk plant "Electrical Engineering and Automation." The abbreviation of the IMF means the presence of two sensors in one product: a microwave motion sensor (MV) and a photosensor (F). The photo sensor reacts to the level of illumination, due to which the luminaire is switched on only in the dark, and the microwave motion sensor allows the luminaire to "feel" the slightest movement of a person. Thus, the LUCH-S IMF fixtures are switched on automatically and only when it is really necessary. They are ideal for installation in rooms where natural light is present during the day and the backlighting is only needed in the dark at night in the presence of a person, for example, in staircases, corridors, passages. When installing the LUCH-S IMF luminaires in complex rooms with protruding elements, it is important to remember that the sensitivity angle of the microwave sensor is 160 °. For correct calculation of the number of luminaires in long corridors and transitions, it should be taken into account that the range of the microwave motion sensor is 5 ... 9 m. Depending on the requirements for lighting, you can purchase lamps with different light flux (from 460 to 1300 Lm) and, accordingly, different power consumption (3, 6, 8, 10 W). Also, when ordering, you can select the desired color temperature (4000 K - by default, 3000/5700 K - on request).
The peculiarity of the LUCH-S lamp with the IMF sensor is that at an illumination level of more than 10 LK, the lamp is turned off and does not respond to movement. As soon as the illumination level falls to 10 LK, and in the zone of the microwave sensor activation movement appears, the luminaire turns on for 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, if no motion is detected, the lamp turns off. Each time a movement occurs, the countdown begins anew. After increasing the level of illumination above the threshold of operation, the luminaire ceases to respond to movement.
Important! We draw your attention to the fact that lamps with motion sensors are often confused with luminaires with an acoustic sensor. Both are sensors of presence, but they have different operating principles. The LUCH-S luminaires with a microwave motion sensor are switched on when the illumination is below 10 LK regardless of the noise level, reacting only to the movement of the object. But in the absence of movement, even in a noisy and dark room, the lamps will not turn on. In turn, LED fixtures with an acoustic sensor respond to sound even in the absence of movement. Luminaires with an acoustic sensor are ideal for installation in rooms with a complex layout, where there is no natural light. The algorithm for the operation of the TM "LUCH" luminaires with an acoustic and microwave motion sensor is shown in Fig. 1.

Omsk Plant "Electrical Engineering and Automation" produces a range of luminaires for various operating conditions. We can buy LUCH-S fixtures with acoustic, photo-, photoacoustic sensors, as well as with a microwave motion sensor. Consider the distinguishing features of LED lamps with different types of sensors. So, for example, LUCH light fixtures with an acoustic sensor are switched on when noise occurs, while fixtures with a photoacoustic sensor - react to sound only in conditions of insufficient illumination. If you need to turn on the lamp in the evening, and turn off at dawn, then the best option that meets this requirement will be a luminaire with a photosensor. This modification of the luminaire is ideal for lighting the entrance to the entrance.
A wide assortment allows you to choose the modifications of the LUCH-S luminaires, which are optimally suited for installation in your home.
The main advantages of our luminaires are their quick payback and long life of LEDs (LG brand), which is up to 100 000 hours.
For greater clarity, consider the calculation of energy savings for an example of a typical 5-storey 4-storey apartment house. To illuminate the house will need 26 LED lights with different types of sensors.
- 20 luminaires with microwave movement sensors are installed on the staircases - 1 lamp per area (the average duration of work is 4 hours per day with an average population of 45 people).
- To illuminate the porch, 4 lamps with photo sensors are installed - 1 lamp per each entrance. On average, their work time is 12 hours a day (in the winter of 14 hours, in the summer of 7 hours).
- In the ancillary rooms 2 luminaires with acoustic sensors are installed - 1 lamp per room (operating time is not more than 40 minutes per day).
We calculate the energy savings by LUCH-S lamps in comparison with incandescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps.
- Incandescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps do not have automatic switching on and operate on an average of 12 hours per day (7 hours in summer, 14 hours in winter).
Incandescent lamps
26 pcs. X 60 W x 12 h. X 30 d. X 12 months.
6 739 kW * year or in cash equivalent of 23,992 rubles *

Compact Fluorescent Lamps:
26 pcs. Х 20 W х 12ч. Х 30дн. X 12 months.
2,246 kW * a year or in cash equivalent of 7,997 rubles *

LED lights:
With acoustic sensor for lighting utility rooms
2 pcs. Х 6 W х 40 min. Х 30 days. X 12 months. = 3 kW * year;
With photo sensor for porch lighting
4 things. X 6 W x 12 h. X 30 d. X 12 months. = 104 kW * year;
With photoacoustic sensor for staircase lighting
20 pcs. Х 6 W х 4 h. Х 30 d. X 12 months. = 173 kW * year;
280 kW * a year or in cash equivalent of 997 rubles. *

It can be seen that the most profitable use of LED lamps, LUCH-S, consumes only 997 rubles per year, which is 24 times less than using incandescent lamps, and 8 times less than with compact fluorescent lamps.
Buy the LUCH-S fixtures from our partners all over Russia. You can see the list of dealers on our website in the "Buy" section. Any information you can get by phone (3812) 91-92-10, 91-91-25, found on our website or ask questions by writing to us at e-mail




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